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We have been in business since 2010 and have a large community of happy clients. Our products are Only Premium Quality of ALMAS 7 Basmati Rice. We have developed our own proprietary technology so that our products can be used by people of all ages and body types! Let us know your experience and we would love to help!

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Natural & Aromatic

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We always give a hint of our products on the back. Our products are the easiest to cook a tasty meal for your family and guests. It's not all about the taste of ALMAS 7 Rice, you can also enjoy the quality, cleanness, smell and it's long grains. Check out the line of products we carry. One of our most popular and exclusive product categories is Basmati Rice.

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We also provide ALMAS 7 Rice which is a brand of Diamond Foods Global to our customers both in B2B and B2C